Priorities Of The Armenian Chairmanship-In-Office In The Organization Of The Black Sea Economic Cooperation


(January-June 2018)

Enhancement of regional economic cooperation

The Republic of Armenia as the Chairman-in-Office of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation will lead the Organization in the first half of the year 2018 within the framework of the concept aimed at the enhancement of the regional economic cooperation which derives from the BSEC statutory objectives and the very spirit of the organization.

The Republic of Armenia will closely cooperate with the Member States and the Secretariat on further improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of BSEC and the BSEC PERMIS through elaboration of the relevant policy and thorough implementation of resolutions, decisions and recommendations of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Armenia will further develop such practical issues as institutional capacity, representation in the Secretariat, staff performance evaluation, improvement of work programs and update of agendas of the Working Groups.

Being guided by the BSEC Charter, the Istanbul Summit Declaration on the occasion of the Twenty-fifth anniversary of BSEC as well as the BSEC Economic Agenda ՛՛Towards an Enhanced BSEC Partnership՛՛, the Republic of Armenia will undertake further steps and direct its efforts towards the following main objectives:

- strengthening and advancing regional economic cooperation in the BSEC area,

- further promoting cooperation with the UN and its specialized agencies in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as well as with the European Union, the Eurasian Economic Union, other international and regional partner organizations, financial institutions and initiatives on the basis of mutual economic benefits and interest,

- improving interaction settings with and among the BSEC Related Bodies, Observers and Sectoral Dialogue Partners,

- promoting elaboration of new and implementation of ongoing strategic infrastructure projects within the BSEC, in line with its mandate

- mainstreaming the project-based agenda through the existing cooperation with the BSEC Related Bodies and partners

- developing multifaceted sectoral interaction among the Member States within the defined field priorities, including Information and Communication Technologies, Science and Technology, Agriculture and agro-industry, tourism.

In the context of the new global trends, new technologies are embracing all aspects of human life and their impact on all disciplines, economies and industries, the further development of human capital becomes a vital factor for economic growth and business development. Having a considerable potential in the Information Technology field and software development, industrial computing, electronics, production of semiconductors, Armenia as the Chairman-in-Office and as a Country-Coordinator of the BSEC Working Group on Information and Communication Technologies will focus its efforts on furthering result-oriented collaboration in the field of Information and Communication Technologies and will further promote the ICT cooperation among the Member States.

Armenia considers the entrepreneurial dimension as very important and, in this regard, will put emphasis on the promotion of Small and Medium-sized enterprises as the key factor for strengthening business cooperation within the BSEC economic community.

As many members-states, Armenia too acknowledges the importance of a more project and result-oriented approach in all BSEC strategic areas as stipulated in the last Summit Declaration. Therefore, Armenia will further support inclusive actions and initiatives within the BSEC mandate aimed at achieving tangible results to the benefit of the BSEC community.

Armenia considers sustainable tourism development throughout the Black Sea region as a very important area of cooperation among the BSEC Member States.

Armenia believes that unimpeded interactions, equal and inclusive regional cooperation remain the key prerequisites for the development of regional economic cooperation and connectivity.

Key events to be held in Armenia with tentative dates

1. 37th Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the BSEC Member States (June 21 2018, Yerevan). Conclusion of the Chairmanship, adoption of resolutions, decisions and recommendations reflecting the main BSEC developments for the semi-annual period and outlining prospects for the future. Handover of the Chairmanship.

2. Meeting of the BSEC Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) (June 19-20, 2018, Yerevan)

3. BSEC International Conference on ICT (May, 2018, Yerevan)